We are a Manchester based company offering property investment advice, asset management, property management and placemaking services to a UK wide client base.

Led by Mark Burgess, the former co-owner of Capital properties, Crowd UK has a wealth of experience and detailed knowledge of not only Manchester’s commercial property market but across Liverpool, Leeds and the rest of the UK also.

We have used this to create a unique blend of property management, asset management and placemaking services so our clients can get the best ROI whilst creating something truly special.

We partner with developers, investors and asset managers to make sure all their properties are actively and efficiently managed. We don’t just provide property management, we provide the help, support and services to companies so they can raise the bar and create more than just a space.

People are at the heart of what we do. We strive to create memorable places to be loved and enjoyed by all. After all, buildings may be for businesses, but places are for people.

These environments don’t just happen overnight, they are forged with focus, hard work, a team of dedicated people and a lot of ideas. Through our organised and creative group of placemakers, our knowledge of property management, our asset management skills and much more, we know that we are more than just building management. We are the start of any property investors journey.

Property management can add value, define a leasing strategy and underpin additional income streams. We want all our tenants to have a truly meaningful space that meets their aspirations and helps support business objectives…